The Royal Yacht Club of Victoria

The Royal Yacht Club of Victoria was founded in May 1853 as the Port Phillip Yacht Club. Records show that the Club is undoubtedly Australia's senior yacht club and as such is steeped in decades of yachting history and tradition.

In 1872, the Club was granted the privilege of flying the Blue Ensign of the Colony of Victoria. Queen Victoria, in 1887, granted to the Club the privileges of a royal club and the Admiralty granted a Full Warrant to fly the Blue Ensign of Her Majesty's Fleet. The Club added the name 'Royal' to its name and since 1887 has been known as the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria.

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Fremantle Sailing Club

Home to over 2800 enthusiastic members of all ages, Fremantle Sailing Club has a proud history dating back to 1897. Now, strong activities drive the club with events for enthusiasts year round, from learning to sail to weekend cruises, world class regattas to diving expeditions, twilight sails to safety training, hooking a marlin to beating a drum.

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Hilarys Yacht Club

Hillarys Yacht Club has a history dating more than 20 years back. From the leisurely private functions and social activities to the aggressive training courses that it provides, Hillarys Yacht Club is sure to satisfy the desires of both water sports and recreational needs, regardless of young or old, male or female.

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Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron

The Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron is located near the city centre of Cairns – which is in Far North Queensland only 15 nautical miles from the Great Barrier Reef. The Squadron boasts a deep water marina and pile mooring facilities, a modern clubhouse with bar, restaurant, and function facilities. Our boat yard features a 40 tonne travel lift, hard stand area with some long term storage available. Visitors are welcome at the Squadron. Cruising visitors, on application are offered visiting membership at $40.00 per month. This entitles their use of all member facilities for the time of their membership, but does not attract member’s discounts.

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