Membership Schemes

Join the SAF Yacht Club and gain access to our Clubhouse at the Sembawang shore. Enjoy the facilities that provide a totally unique experience for that different mood of the day.

Members get to spend their day sipping coffee and drinking beer at the boardwalk or have a sunny day with the kids playing at the shore. Have scrumptious meals while enjoying the sea view at the 2nd level of the restaurant or chilling out at the boardwalk enjoying the sea breeze when night falls. Go adventure and get rough and tough with the wind and waves as you go sailing or fishing. Visit our Clubhouse to find out what is in store for you.

Marina Facilities and Craft Rental

Sheltered dry parking is available for sailing dinghies and powerboats. Wet berthing is available with fuel and water facilities. There is also free-mooring for anchorage of crafts. Being a SAF Yacht Club member entitles you to unbeatable rates when you charter powerboats or sailing dinghies.

Club Organized Activities or Courses

At SAF Yacht Club, we offer a mix of adventure and relaxation for the young and old. In addition to events at our clubhouse, we also organize trips to Malaysia, Indonesia and other Singapore Islands for boating, beach bumming, fishing and other sea or land-based sports. Members can also learn how to sail on our extensive fleet of sail crafts, drive a boat and ride a jet-ski all conducted by professionals at very attractive members rates.