Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License

Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL)

If you enjoy being in control of cruising in wide-open spaces, you can consider getting yourself a Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL). One of the most popular courses in SAFYC, as well as Singapore, the PPCDL course is a comprehensive course that provides you with the freedom to pilot your own craft out on the waters upon passing the required examinations.

Boundaries are non-existent and the best thing is, there are no traffic lights and road demarcations, but do drive safely. Get started by taking up the simple 2-day course at SAFYC, where our veteran instructors will bring you through both the theory and practical know-hows, and one step closer to your dream.

Eligibility / Pre-Requisite
Age 16 and above. Must produce valid certificate by a medical practitioner certifying that he/she is not physically handicapped and passed an eyesight test that includes sight and colour vision.

PPCDL Course Fees
SAFYC Member - $235.40
Public - $321.00
Affiliates - $288.90

*The PPCDL course duration comprises of 1 weekend: 1 x full Saturday + 1 x full Sunday.
**Affiliates refer to those SAF/MINDEF Personnel or students.

With effect 1st January 2017, PPCDL exam fees will be revised as follows:
Theory Written Examination: Singaporean: $20.00* , Foreigners: $40.00* (Fees to be paid directly to Singapore Polytechnic)
Theory Oral Examination: Singaporean: $50.00*, Foreigners: $100* (Fees to be paid directly to Singapore Polytechnic)
PPCDL Practical Handling Assessment: Singaporean: $100*, Foreigner: $150* (Fees to be paid directly to Singapore Polytechnic)
License Fee: $20.00 (Fees to be paid to Maritime Port Authority)
Theory Examination Review Fee: $120.00* per review (Fees to be paid directly to Test Centre)
*All fees are subjected to prevailing GST.

Course Duration
2 days (Saturday & Sunday)
8.30am to 3.30pm (Theory Lessons)
3.30pm to 7.30pm (Practical Lessons)

Course Dates for 2017
7-8 January, 21-22 January
4-5 February, 18-19 February
4-5 March, 18-19 March
1-2 April, 15-16 April, 29-30 April
6-7 May, 20-21 May
10-11 June, 17-18 June
1-2 July, 15-16 July, 29-30 July
5-6 August, 19-20 August
9-10 September, 23-24 September
7-8 October, 21-22 October
4-5 November, 18-19 November
2-3 December, 16-17 December, 30-31 December

Click here to enroll for the Power Pleasure Craft Driving License course. NOTE: Upon successful enrollment, our Angels will follow-up with a phone call to confirm your participation and payment process.

Course Syllabus (Theory & Practical)
Nautical Terms
Equipment & Usage
Mechanical & Electrical Equipment
Pleasure Craft & Singapore Port Regulations
Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea
Coastal Navigation
General Hints
Relevant Port Marine Circulars & Notices
Practical Boat Handling

Course Materials: A PPCDL Course Handbook and a set of trial theory examination questions.
Course Dates: Every weekend at Sembawang Clubhouse*

新加坡武装部队游艇俱乐部 (SAFYC)开办华文游艇驾驶课程。两天课程包括课堂理论和海上游艇驾驶实习。参加课程后可考取新加坡港务局(MPA)游艇驾照 (PPCDL)。详情可拨电 67583359 SAFYC 询问。

PPCDL Refresher Course
Participants who wish to have additional practical lessons prior to their test may register for a refresher course on their own or ‘craft-pool’ with fellow participants.

Fee: $100 per hour*

*Class will commence with a minimum of 10 participants for courses conducted in English and a minimum of 5 participants for courses conducted in Mandarin