Terms & Condition

  1. Warranty of Goods/Services
    • All our goods/services will serve their intended functions.

  2. Terms of Warranty
    • All warranty conditions are stated in the product/services information provided, unless the manufacturer has provided none.

  3. Prices
    • All our prices are nett. No discounts will be given unless during monthly promotions. All Prices are in SGD.

  4. Payment Processing
    • We accept CASH, NETS, VISA IBANKING AND CHEQUE payments ( made payable to "SAF Yacht Club")UOB and OCBC interest-free (0%) credit card installment plan (6/12 months) is also available.
    • We ensure accuracy in our billing as all our transactions are automatically processed.

  5. Cancellation of Orders
    • We will refund the amount paid if the order is cancelled due to the unavailability of goods or our inability to deliver the goods within the agreed time frame.
    • We will not entertain any cancellations once the order is confirmed and submitted by the customer.

  6. Confirmation of Orders
    • We will send an electronic acknowledgement to the customer within 24 hours upon successful submission of the electronic order. If items ordered are unavailable, a message will be sent to the customer for further action.

  7. Exchange & Refunds
    • All our goods sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

  8. Feedback
    • We welcome your feedback. Should you feel dissatisfied with any of our goods or services, please contact us at Tel: 6758 3359, Fax: 67579046, Email: feedback@safyc.org.sg.