Swimming Pool

Take a dip in our swimming pool! Splash the stress away and enjoy bonding with your loved ones with a barbecue party at the poolside terrace!

Below are a few rules and safety management measures in place when using the swimming pool:

Usage of Swimming Pool – Phase 2

1. Strictly for club members’ usage only.

2. Please register at the front desk before accessing the pool.

3. A wristband will be issued to each member prior to entry.

4. First come first serve basis.

5. Safe Management Measures

     a. Maximum of 15 swimmers at one time.

     b. Each swimmer is allowed to use the pool for a maximum of 60 minutes.

     c. Keep a safety distance of at least 2m away from others.

     d. Shower before entering the pool.

6. The club reserves the right to refuse entry to any member if the above SMMs are not adhered.