Our Management

Financial Year 2023/2024

VADM Aaron Beng

Chief of Defence Force

RADM Augustine Lim


COL Ang Jeng Kai

Vice Commodore

COL Loh Woon Liang

Rear Commodore

LTC Allan Ng

Honorary Secretary

Mr. Jaya Sankaran

Assistant Honorary Secretary

Mr Ian Chua

Honorary Treasurer

ME5 Ng Wee Han

Assistant Honorary Treasurer

Mr Ken Yap

Captain of Sail

Mr Gerald Heng

Captain of Power

Mr Nicholas Cheong

Committee Member

Mr Eric Emmanuel Tan

Committee Member

Mr Teo Eng Kiat James

Committee Member

Ms Isabelle Wong

Committee Member

Mr Alan Pang

Committee Member

Mr Ricky Sng

Committee Member

Mr Jason Chong

Co-opted Member

Mr Ooi Yinn Yeong

Co-opted Member

LTC Alvin Tan

Co-opted Member

SWO Seck Wai Kwong

Co-opted Member

ME7 Tan Lu Pin

Co-opted Member

MAJ (NS) Ng Shi Yang

Co-opted Member

Club Management

Mr Teo Wee Chin

General Manager
Email: weechin@safyc.org.sg
Phone: 6351 9168

Mr Allan Mok

Senior Manager, Marina and Clubhouse Operations
Email: mok@safyc.org.sg
Phone: 6351 9160

Ms Peggy Fam

Human Resource Manager
Email: peggy@safyc.org.sg
Phone: 6351 9161

Mr Jason Swee

Seasports Manager
Email: jasonswee@safyc.org.sg
Phone: 67583359

Mr Au Wing Hong

Senior Finance Manager
Email: winghong@safyc.org.sg
Phone: 6351 9169

Ms Adeline Koh

Marketing & Membership Manager
Email: adeline@safyc.org.sg
Phone: 6351 9167

Mr Jason Tang

Clubhouse Operations
Email: jason@safyc.org.sg
Phone: 6351 9165

Membership Services
Email: membership@safyc.org.sg
Phone: 6351 9162

Mr Ignatius Thiam

One Stop Centre
Email: seasports@safyc.org.sg
Phone: 6758 3359


Customer Service Ambassadors/
Front Desk
Email: scangel@safyc.org.sg
Phone: 6758 3359

Ms Adeline Koh/
Ms Peggy Fam

Data Protection Manager
Email: dpm@safyc.org.sg
Phone: 6351 9167/
6351 9161