Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL)

If you enjoy cruising and wish to pilot your own powered pleasure craft in Singapore waters, consider getting yourself a Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL).

One of the most popular courses in SAFYC, this powerboat course is a comprehensive course that provides you with the freedom to pilot your own craft upon course completion and the passing of the required examinations.

Get started by taking up a 2-day course at SAFYC, where our veteran instructors will bring you through both theory and the practical know-how, and get one step closer to your dream.

新加坡武装部队游艇俱乐部 (SAFYC)开办华文游艇驾驶课程。两天课程包括课堂理论和海上游艇驾驶实习。参加课程后可考取新加坡港务局(MPA)游艇驾照 (PPCDL)。详情可拨电 6758 3359 SAFYC 询问。


- Age 16 and above.
- Must produce a valid certificate by a medical practitioner certifying that he/she is not physically handicapped and passed an eyesight test that includes sight and color vision. 

Course Duration

2 full days (Saturday & Sunday)
8.30 am to 7.30 pm 

Course Fees

SAFYC Member – $272.50
Public – $348.80
Affiliates* – $294.30
(Inclusive of 9% GST w.e.f. from 01.01.24)

*Affiliates refer to those SAF/MINDEF Personnel and/or students with a valid student ID.


– Comfortable, casual sporting attire is fine.

– Slippers are not allowed. Participants are required to wear either sandals or shoes.

– Please feel free to along bring sunglasses, a cap and a spare change of clothing.

– Rental of a towel is available at the Frontdesk for $2.00 per day.

– Sufficient drinking water

Course Dates

3-4 February 2024

13-14 February 2024

24-25 February 2024

2-3 March 2024

19-20 March 2024

23-24 March 2024

13-14 April 2024

16-17 April 2024

20-21 April 2024

27-28 April 2024

4-5 May 2024

14-15 May 2024

25-26 May 2024

8-9 June 2024

15-16 June 2024

6-7 July 2024

9-10 July 2024

20-21 July 2024

27-28 July 2024

3-4 August 2024

10-11 August 2024

20- 21 August 2024

31 August-1 September 2024

7-8 September 2024

17-18 September 2024

28-29 September 2024

5-6 October 2024

15-16 October 2024

26-27 October 2024

12-13 November 2024

23-24 November 2024

30 November-1 December 2024

7-8 December 2024

14-15 December 2024

17-18 December 2024

28-29 December 2024


– Nautical Terms

– Equipment & Usage

– Emergencies

– Mechanical & Electrical Equipment

– Pleasure Craft & Singapore Port Regulations

– Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea

– Coastal Navigation

– General Hints

– Relevant Port Marine Circulars & Notices

– Practical Boat Handling

Course Materials

A PPCDL Course Handbook and a set of trial theory examination questions.

PPCDL Refresher Course
Participants who wish to have additional practical lessons prior to their test may register for a refresher course on their own or ‘craft-pool’ with fellow participants. Class will commence with a minimum of 1 participant with a minimum of 2 hours.

PPCDL Refresher Course Fees

PPCDL Refresher (2-hour) – $239.80 for SAFYC Members and Non-members.

To register for our PPCDL course and/or the PPCDL Refresher, please contact our Front desk at 6758 3359 or email us at scangel@safyc.org.sg.

Additional Fees
With effect 1st January 2017, PPCDL exam fees are as follows, all fees are subjected to prevailing GST.

Theory Written Examination; Fees to be paid directly to Singapore Polytechnic
Singaporean: $20.00
Foreigners: $40.00

PPCDL Practical Handling Assessment; Fees to be paid directly to Singapore Polytechnic
Singaporean: $100.00
Foreigner: $150.00

Theory Oral Examination: Fees to be paid directly to Singapore Polytechnic
Singaporean: $50.00
Foreigners: $100.00

License Fee: $20.00; Fees to be paid to Maritime Port Authority

Theory Examination Review Fee: $120.00 per review; Fees to be paid directly to Test Centre

For any queries, please contact our front desk at 6758 3359 or email us at scangel@safyc.org.sg

By signing up for this course, participants grant SAF Yacht Club permission to use the photographs/videos taken during the course for future promotional materials (printed/electronic).

Completed the course? Send us your feedback via the link below and let us know about your experience!

SAF Yacht Club and its service providers will not be held liable for any injury, loss or damages howsoever arising from the participation in the course/ activity.