• Member shall abide by the Club Constitution and Bye-laws.

  • Membership is subject to approval and is non-transferable.  The application must be accompanied by required supporting documents and payment to be processed for verification and approval.

  • Entrance fee paid and subscription fees are non-refundable.

  • All Lifetime members are allowed to sign in up to FOUR (4) guests each time in their presence, 3-Years term members are allowed to sign in up to TWO (2) guests each time in their presence, while 1-Year term members are allowed to sign in only ONE (1) guest each time in their presence.

  • Only lifetime members are entitled to craft berthing rights, the remaining membership types do not have such rights.

  • Term Membership is renewable up to a MAXIMUM of 1 time after first time application. Subsequently, a member can opt to apply to other membership types.

  • SAFYC reserves the right to amend the Membership details and Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

  • A Refundable Deposit Fee equivalent to 3 months of the signing-up membership subscription fees applies upon new membership sign-up. Deposit Fees cannot be used to offset any current outstanding amount due upon termination of membership. A refund will be applicable after all outstanding amounts are being settled.

  • Membership promotion is not applicable to an applying member whose craft is already accepted by the club (including a ‘buy-over’ from an existing member) unless otherwise agreed by the Club Management.


  • All monthly subscription fees are payable in advance.

  • All dues must be settled promptly prior to the due dates of the statement of account.

  • An administrative charge of $50 shall impose on late payments exceeding 4 weeks.  A further administrative charge of $80 shall impose on late payments exceeding 6 weeks.  Membership shall suspend upon defaulting payment for more than 12 weeks.

  • A charge shall be imposed for membership reinstatement within three years from the date of resignation.

  • *For applicant(s) below 18 years old, the Club reserves the right to recover outstanding dues from the Guarantor (parents/legal guardian).

Lost and replacement of Membership Cards

Member is to notify the club immediately upon loss/ misplacement of membership card.  A replacement fee of $10 shall apply. Prices are subject to 7% GST.

Resignation of Membership

  • One month advance termination notice must be given to the Club in writing for resignation.

  • The monthly subscription fee will continue to be payable regardless of whether the member uses the Club’s facilities/benefits until a notice of resignation is being accepted upon receipt from writing.

  • All outstanding sums on installment or otherwise are to be settled in FULL before the resignation is deemed to be effective.

  • Interest shall continue to accrue on all outstanding until all dues are settled.

  • Upon resignation, all membership cards must be returned to SAFYC.

  • Membership validity and related privileges shall lapse when the Principal member resigns, ceases to be a SAFYC member, or when his membership is suspended.