Membership Terms and Conditions

1. Membership

    • Member shall abide by the Club Constitution and Bye-laws.

    • Membership is subject to approval and is non-transferable. An application must be accompanied by required supporting documents and payment to be processed for approval.

    • Entrance fee paid and subscription fees are non-refundable.

    • A married applicant falls under the Ordinary (Family) membership status. This covers the principal member, spouse, and children below 21 years. Dependent membership for the child shall lapse when the child reaches 21 years of age.

    • Special Term members can only bring along ONE (1) Guest to the Club at any time.

    • Special Term members are not entitled to berthing rights and facilities.

    • Special Term Membership is renewable four times after the first time application. Subsequently, the member can convert to other relevant membership types.

    • Membership shall expire upon ORD.

    • SAFYC reserves the right to amend the Membership details and Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

    • A Refundable Deposit Fee equivalent to 3 months of the signing-up membership subscription fees applies upon new membership sign-up. Deposit Fee cannot be used to offset any current outstanding amount due upon termination of membership. A refund will be applicable after all outstanding amounts are being settled.

    • Membership promotion is not applicable to applying-member whom his/her craft is already accepted by the club (including a ‘buy-over’ from an existing member) unless otherwise agreed by the Club Management.

2. Payment

    • All monthly subscription fees are payable in advance.

    • All dues must be settled promptly prior to the due dates of the statement of account.

    • An administrative charge of $50 shall impose on late payments exceeding 4 weeks. A further administrative charge of $80 shall impose on late payments exceeding 6 weeks. Membership shall suspend upon defaulting payment for more than 12 weeks.

    • A charge shall be imposed for membership reinstatement within three years from the date of resignation.

    • No refund will be given to members who make a one-year prepayment and terminate their membership subscription/berthing halfway through the prepayment period.

3. Loss and replacement of Membership Cards

  • Members are to notify the club immediately upon loss/misplacement of membership cards. A replacement fee of $10 shall apply.

4. Resignation of Membership

  • One month advance termination notice must be given to the Club in writing for resignation.

  • The monthly subscription fee will continue to be payable regardless of whether the member uses the Club’s facilities/benefits until a notice of resignation is being accepted upon receipt from writing.

  • All outstanding sums on installment or otherwise are to be settled in FULL before the resignation is deemed to be effective.

  • Interest shall continue to accrue on all outstanding until all dues are settled.

  • Upon resignation, all membership cards must be returned to SAFYC.

  • Membership validity and related privileges shall lapse when the Principal member resigns, ceases to be a SAFYC member, or when his membership is suspended.

5. Application for Absentee Status

  • Members who are going overseas for work or study for a continuous period of at least 6 months up to 12 months may apply for waiver of membership fees.

  • All applications for Absentee Status must be made in writing and accompanied by supporting documents subject to approval.